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Apex 360 Systems will partner with you in implementing a proven professional management system that will empower your practice to reach new levels of performance. Let us help you reach your apex!

Those who own, lead, or manage an O&P practice are typically 
very passionate about providing the best possible care for their patients and are often the top income-generators in their practices. In pursuing that passion and focusing the majority of their time IN patient care, they sometimes struggle with allocating enough time to focus ON the business. As a result, the practices’ performance may be less than desirable and, when faced with a change in the business climate or a new competitive threat, the practice struggles financially and culturally.


APEX 100 is a proven, sequential, and continuous system that can radically improve an O&P practice’s overall performance. Based on4 P’s (Planning, People, Processes, Performance) and 100 ‘Key Elements’ considered critical for success by national business experts, APEX 100 serves as a guide and tool to help you reach your apex of optimal performance.


Through Apex 360 Systems, owner Scott Schall has made available the Business Solutions and Best Practices that have been instrumental in sustaining the profitable growth of his own prosthetic practice. 

Professional Management System

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Accredited Continuing Education Courses for Presentation
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Component Selection Software for Lower Extremity Prosthetics

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