Scott Schall, CEO

Apex 360 Systems will partner with you in implementing a proven professional management system that will empower your practice to reach new levels of performance. Let us help you reach your apex!

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“It's unbelievable how much you don't know about the game you've been playing all your life.”                                                                       - Mickey Mantle

About Us

Like most owners of O&P practices, Scott Schall co-launched Optimus Prosthetics because he had a passion for improving the lives of patients. His focus on patient care and quality outcomes were the key factor in their rapid growth of his prosthetic-only practice that opened in 2007. In 2009, Scott realized that he lacked the professional management training he needed, and the rapid growth of the practice had become a challenge to manage. Without some changes, he knew the reputation he had achieved with patients, caregivers and referral sources could be jeopardized.

Scott spent the next few years creating and implementing the O&P profession's only professional management model of its kind, APEX 100. The results from focusing on their vision, mission, priority issues, and action items to support their continued growth were phenomenal. In July 2015, in order to assist other O&P practice owners with implementing APEX 100 on a national basis, Scott transitioned 100% of his focus to O&P Business Advisors, the catalyst for what is now Apex 360 Systems, LLC.

 To be the national, independent O&P practice owners’ first choice for driving operational excellence.